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Mr. Brynner's 4 Wives - Byrgundy Mallory

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Family life

Yul Brynner was married four times, of which the first three ended in divorce.
He had three birth-children and adopted two others.
1st Wife
His first wife, Virginia Gilmore (19441960), was an actress. They had one child, *Yul Brynner II (b. December 23, 1946), nicknamed when he was six "Rock" by his father in honor of boxer Rocky Graziano, who won the middleweight title in 1947. Rock is a historian, novelist and university history lecturer [2].
* Lark Brynner (b. 1958) was born out of wedlock and raised by her mother.
2nd Wife
His second wife, Doris Kleiner (1960 â€" 1967), was a Chilean model, whom he married on the set during shooting of The Magnificent Seven in 1960.[3] They had one child Victoria Brynner (b. November 1962).
3rd Wife
*His third wife, Jacqueline de Croisset (
1971 â€" 1981), was a French socialite. She was the widow of Philippe de Croisset, a publishing executive. Yul and Jacqueline adopted two Vietnamese children: Mia (1974), and Melody (1975).
4th Wife
*His fourth wife, Kathy Lee, was an
Asian dancer in The King and I shows.[4] They married in 1983.



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