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Elephants are perfect Kelly Miller Ardmore, OK

 Kelly Miller Circus: A World of Difference

The many faces, voices and activities of Kelly Miller Circus take the spotlight in two new videos being offered by Circus City Museum, announces Larry Moore, a museum volunteer.
“Kelly Miller Circus: A World of Difference” is a 41minute
video documentary featuring interviews with circus employees and managers. A second video—in Spanish and 34 minutes long—captures behind the scenes efforts by Mexican workers to move “America’s One Ring Wonder” to more than 200 cities and towns along its recently
completed 2014 route.
“We are pleased to be the first community to offer both videos for sale, especially since Hugo has hosted Kelly Miller operations for many years,” said Moore, a former circus 24 hour man. (Two other under touring shows, Carson & Barnes Circus and Culpepper & Merriweather Circus, also maintain offices and winter quarters in
The videos are being sold for $20 each through the museum, which will receive a portion of the proceeds. They also are available at no charge for showing at local organizations and schools, Moore said. He may be reached at 580-579-7511 between 5 and 8 p.m.
After viewing the “World of Difference” video, Hugo’s Dudley Hamilton, a retired circus booking agent, enthused, “This is the most complete circus video I’ve ever seen.”
Produced by McAlester native Lane Talburt, the videos both
with different content provide a behind the scenes look at Kelly Miller performances and operations.
“Many circus goers may consider circus life to be drab and repetitive. In fact, to my surprise I found quite the opposite to be the case as I traveled with Kelly Miller to lots in New Jersey and Connecticut during the summer,” Talburt said. “Superintendent
Gustavo Perez told me in an interview that workers enjoy differences from day to day. And circus owner John Ringling North II assured me that no two performances are ever the same.”
Lane Talburt said he chose to follow Kelly Miller because of its excellent reputation. “One sponsor said she asked the show to return to her community for a second straight year because—and I quote: "Kelly Miller was beyond. It was the highest level (performance) that I’ve seen on a local level over many traveling circuses that come
to this area’ of New Jersey.”
A Connecticut resident for the past seven years, Talburt recalled seeing the five ring Al G. Kelly & Miller Bros. Circus, under ownership of the late Dory Miller, in McAlester for the first time in 1957. He also remembered his first visit to Hugo a year
earlier when the McAlester Buffalo's clashed with the Hugo Buffalo's. (His hometown football team won that contest.)
Several years ago he returned to Hugo to interview David Rawls, former longtime general manager and partner of Kelly Miller, for an article in “Bandwagon,” journal of the Circus Historical Society. John Ringling North II bought the circus in 2007 and
named Jim Royal as the general manager.
In early June, Lane Talburt interviewed Jim Royal for use in the new video release prior to the circus executive’s speech to a group of circus fans in Plainville, CT.
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