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amber & john the kids!!!

 One thing!
When you add news( and please do!) be sure to check the box that says add to home page or I can't find it! Thanks
 we need more recipes
why arent yall adding recipes? or news or pictures what exactly do you do all the time???
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  June 29 Happy anniversary Alicia and Justin
  June 30 Happy anniversary Justin and Alicia
  July 2 Rebekahs Birthday
  July 4 Independence Day
  August 17 Erik Truett Birthday
  August 18 Tyrell Lacy
  August 23 Justin Truett Birthday
  September 4 Labor Day
  October 26 Mariah Birthday
  October 31 Halloween
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 RecipesAll Recipes 
Better than anything cake
Added Aug 2 by Alicia Clark

Quick and easy
Added Jul 30 by Ruthie Clark

Creaping crust cobbler
Quick and easy
Added Jul 27 by Ruthie Clark

meatball cassaroll
Quick and easy
Added Jul 25 by amber truett

Fabric Softner
Added Jul 19 by Ruthie Clark
 Grandma's Book and search novelle shetter or just Shetter . 
Ya'll can all add pictures or anything else all you have to do is sign in and if I made you a member your password is your last name.
 PhotosAll Photos 
5 pictures
Added Jul 31 by Novella Truett

5 pictures
Added Apr 30 by amber

8 pictures
Added Dec 28 by amber

karlyn 7-12 mon
24 pictures
Added Sep 7 by amber

gabe and alyssas babys
5 pictures
Added Sep 7 by amber
 grandparents clark side
baby shower
 we need a dentist!
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karlyn 7-12 mon

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