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  • Birth dates earlier than 1750
    Comments and Questions
    -- Common comment (Added to comments because it will be fixed in a future release): O ...
  • FAmily tree out of order
    Comments and Questions
    the kids on the family tree are out of order. I check the birthdates to make sure they ...
  • RE: Family Tree
    Comments and Questions
    I found that by beginning with the oldest member you want to add to your family tree is ...
  • Family tree links doubling up
    Comments and Questions
    I have set up about 70% of my family tree in the delinked mode - but now as I'm adding ...
  • Member page
    Comments and Questions
    I am looking at a member page who has 2 spouse, children, siblings and address entered ...
  • family tree
    Comments and Questions
    Is there a way to add a child if the father isn't the child father and you don't know w ...
  • Family Tree
    Comments and Questions
    Hi, I have started entering data into the family tree but I didn't have the correct o ...
  • RE: marriage lines
    Comments and Questions
    I should be able to do this anytime, right? Even after I have added children?
  • RE: FamilyTree
    Comments and Questions
    If you want to add a sibling, click your parent and select "Add child".
  • suffix does not show on family tree
    Comments and Questions
    I have just added some children that are jr's but that does not show up on family tree ...
  • Member levels
    Comments and Questions
    What is the difference between 'Regular Member' and 'Regular Member (+edit child/spouse ...
  • need advice
    Comments and Questions
    what do i do to my child so hardheaded my tensions always up gimme some fathe ...
  • RE: Saving Edited Comments
    Comments and Questions
    Hi Kimberlyhow, I just tried editing and saving a pasted comment in News and also in a ...
  • adding info to profile
    Comments and Questions
    A member is trying to add wife, parents and children's names to his profile and it does ...
  • RE: Any weird cravings in pregnancy?
    I think that's what it is. my mom had to be given some sort of medication immediately ...
  • RE: Ideal number of children
    Raising Children
    I had always wanted 4 kids, 2 boys and 2 girls. The birth of my third son foiled my pl ...
  • RE: Obama
    I could not agree more. Did we ever get official clarification on Obama's birth certif ...
  • Childbirth Education Helps Parents During Labor and Delivery
    Family Issues
    There are many different types of child births from natural child birth, water birth, v ...
  • RE: The 'Order' in Birth Order
    Family Issues
    I have 7 adopted kids and I am one of seven ,how is birth order then how about if you ...
  • RE: When He Cheats… Coping With Infidelity
    Family Issues
    My husband and I have been married for 12 years, and we have 4 kids. He cheated while I ...
  • RE: Fighting Fatigue
    Family Issues
    Our toddler is not someone I gave birth too, but I sure do feel that way, lol. It's all ...
  • RE: The Rights of Adopted Children
    Family Issues
    thank you so much for your post Just K. it brought tears to my eyes as well. I t ...
  • RE: The Rights of Adopted Children
    Family Issues
    well im adopted and what i really want to know is what about my birth certificate, or m ...
  • RE: Building Self-Esteem in the Child Who Feels Different
    Family Issues
    Encourage this forum to contemplate that infants are born with natural self esteem at b ...

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    Ms. Josewitz's Preschool Classroom
    Tiny Tots Child Care Preschool Room
    Creative Concepts Child Care Website

    The Saved By Grace (Scotland) Website

    Parents LIFE
    A group of christian parents dedicated to raising our children with God in Hamilton, OH.
    The Luther Website
    A family website to enjoy the past, the present, and many years to come! Life is great!
    Homestead Family Center
    Homestead Family Center is family focused. We offer many different things to do with the Homestead L
    Mums R us
    Hi, my name is Natasha Chamberlin (nee Abrams) and my ambition in life is to help others in any way
    A FATHER$ TIME Website
    This was created to try and get information and to let the WORLD know that there really isn't an equ
    The Barrett family
    This is my family site, to share photo's of my children and family with other family members and fri
    Photos By Tiffany
    Hey! We are children of God.
    The Hockett Website
    William Hockett and Family members and their children. Ive Becker, Ilene Rouse, Dennis Hockett, Neil
    The SSC
    The SSC is a very private girl website for children. Parent approved!
    The jones Website
    looking for a child educator look no further. I offer the thing you would be looking for from a chil

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  • Childbirth Education Helps Parents During Labor and Delivery
    There are many different types of child births from natural child birth, water birth, vagina ...

  • Get the Facts on Adoption
    If you’ve been trying to conceive for a long time you’ve probably already considered alterna ...

  • Make the Connection: Start Disciplining with Love
    To discipline is to teach. When we discipline we teach our children to have self-control, to ...

  • The 'Order' in Birth Order
    Before I had kids of my own I didn't put too much stock in the whole notion that there is pe ...

  • Raising a Family is a Valid Profession
    All mothers work and yet there is still the narrow-minded assumption that being a full-time ...

  • Parents and the Only Child
    When raising an only child parents may worry that the child will be lonely. They may even fe ...

  • Dealing With Temper Tantrums
    Everyone that has ever had a child has had to deal with a temper tantrum. It always seems th ...

  • The Rights of Adopted Children
    Too often adopted children grow up to feel they're somehow different from those who have gro ...

  • Options For Schooling The Disabled Child
    Parents with disabled children want to do the best thing for their children. Deciding on ho ...

  • Why Can’t I Have It, Mommy?
    One of the key phrases that a child uses against a parent is, “All of my friends are allowed ...

  • What Parents Should Do For Children To Do Their Best After Divorce?
    Why do some children still do best after divorce and separation? Is there divorce parenting ...

  • Children and Sleepwalking
    Occasionally, a child may go through a period of sleepwalking or have an individual incident ...

  • Teaching Your Child Manners
    One word can be used to sum up the best way for parents to teach their child manners- consis ...

  • Create An Emotionally Healthy Connection With Your Child
    Many parents have never been educated in “parenting.” All I could refer to in my days of par ...

  • Sleep Apnea in Children
    When my son showed up at my door one morning with tears in his eyes, I knew something was dr ...

  • Valerie Giles
    Valerie Giles owns and operates Are-You-Pregnant? Find reso ...

  • Linda Milo
    Linda Milo is known as The Parent-Child Connection Coach. Linda is a single mother who raise ...

  • Valerie Steimle
    Valerie Steimle is the mother of 9 children and likes to write. She is very interested in th ...

  • Rae Pica
    Rae Pica is an internationally recognized children's physical activity specialist and the au ...

  • Seth Mullins
    A writer since High School, Seth Mullins embarked upon his most rewarding creative venture w ...