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14 hours ago 'Moderate' Drinking Harms Older People's Hearts?
Review found alcohol makes people fall asleep

Research seems to question current recommendations regarding alcohol consumption

17 hours ago U.S. Traveler Returning From Liberia Dies of Lassa Fever: CDC
Only sixth known case in United States since

Only sixth known case in United States since 1969, but virus is much less deadly than Ebola

17 hours ago ADHD Medications and Scary Side Effects

Side effects from ADHD medications are rarely dangerous, but they are unsettling. Knowing how to respond will ease your mind.

17 hours ago Cystic Fibrosis Medicine Study Offers Hope
paige ellens

Many people with cystic fibrosis are optimistic about a new drug on the horizon, Orkambi.

17 hours ago Even Slightly Overactive Thyroid Linked to Higher Fracture Risk
Link between 'sister diseases' is rooted in

Study found greater chances of breaks in hip bones, spinal areas

17 hours ago Delaying Umbilical Cord Clamping Might Boost Child Development
But, overall risk of 'persistent pulmonary

Fine-motor and social skills slightly improved in boys, but no difference in IQ, researchers say

20 hours ago Fish Oil Tied to Better Brain Function in Older Adults
Study finds link between blood levels of omega-3s

But small study doesn't prove omega-3 fatty acids boost mental flexibility

20 hours ago Living at Higher Elevations Linked to SIDS Risk
Mom's exposure to flu during third trimester

Study found odds were doubled, though still very rare even at greater altitudes

20 hours ago Dyslexia Unrelated to Vision Problems: Study
Better performance at age 7 linked to better

Eye therapies will not cure reading disorder, experts say

20 hours ago Do People Transmit Happiness by Smell?
Profile proportions important to overall

Lab experiment with 'scent samples' suggests humans pick up on others' positive emotions via sweat

May 22 Raw Tuna Suspected as Source of Salmonella Outbreak: CDC
Concentrations in yellowfin tuna are rising

At least 53 people in nine states have fallen ill, while 10 have been hospitalized, agency reports

May 22 Treating Gum Disease Might Help Prostate Symptoms: Study
But people at risk of gum disease need more

Periodontal problems linked to inflammation throughout the body, researcher says

May 22 Loose Skin After Weight Loss

WebMD knows that a large weight loss can lead to loose, extra skin. Find out what you can do about it.

May 22 Animals May Ease Social Anxiety in Children With Autism
Study found children were more talkative and

Playing with guinea pig in stressful situation was calming, study finds

May 22 Medicaid Expansion Helps Cut Rate Of Older, Uninsured Adults From 12 To 8 Percent

A study finds that in states that did not expand the health program for low-income residents, the rate of uninsurance among 50- to 64-year-olds is twice that of other states.

May 21 ‘$5 Insanity': What You Should Know About Flakka
flakka spilling out of jar

Flakka, a new designer drug, is surging in popularity. Poison control centers in states including Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas are responding to an increasing number of incidents involving the drug.

May 21 Persistent UTI Symptoms May Signal Bladder Cancer
bladder cancer x-ray

Urinary tract infection symptoms that don’t improve with time or treatment could point to bladder cancer, a new study suggests.

May 21 Coffee May Help Men Keep Impotence at Bay
Study linked lower rates of recurrence,

Study suggests caffeine may help maintain healthy blood flow and sexual function

May 21 Too Few Younger, High-Risk Americans Get a Colonoscopy: Study

Those with a family history of disease should have screening at age 40, but only 38 percent do

May 21 Does Botox Actually Rejuvenate Skin?
Report on cosmetic procedures finds Botox,

Elasticity, pliability improve after toxin injections, study finds

May 21 Can ADHD Be a Gift?
child writing equations on chalkboard

WebMD talks to Lara Honos-Webb, PhD, and other ADHD experts about Honos-Webb's book, The Gift of ADHD.

May 21 ‘$5 Insanity:’ What You Should Know About Flakka
flakka spilling out of jar

Flakka, a new designer drug, is surging in popularity. Poison control centers in states including Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas are responding to an increasing number of incidents involving the drug.

May 21 Over 4 Million Working Americans Suffer From Anxiety Disorders
Study found teams that met in rooms without

Illness can be debilitating, but treatment is available so workers can stay productive, experts say

May 21 Quiet Activities for Sick Kids

Here are 9 restful activities for you and your sick child.

May 21 Heart Risk Factors May Harm Black Women More Than Whites

Fewer unhealthy signs are needed before black women's risk starts to rise, study finds

May 21 Depression Tied to Some Risk of Parkinson's Disease
'Embolization' limits prostate's blood supply,

Swedish study finds association, but overall risk is low -- only about 1 percent

May 20 7 Foods for Children's Brain Development

Good nutrition is part of children's brain development. Eggs, oatmeal, apples, and fish are some of the foods that have nutrients that are good for children's brains. Find out what other foods made the list.

May 20 ADHD Drug Holidays: Should Your Kid Take One?

WebMD talks to experts about the pros and cons of giving kids a "drug holiday" from ADHD medication.

May 20 Flu Vaccines and Kids
doctor holding child

WebMD talks to CDC medical officer Lisa Grohskopf, MD, about flu vaccines for children.

May 20 Tests That Diagnose Psoriatic Arthritis

If you have psoriasis and joint pain, the two may be related. Talk to your doctor about psoriatic arthritis. Learn more at WebMD.