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4 hours ago Does Legal Medical Marijuana Spur Illicit Pot Use?

Cannabis use disorder is also rising faster in states with legalization laws

7 hours ago Health Highlights: April 26, 2017

'Artificial Womb' Kept Premature Lambs Alive

7 hours ago Women More Sensitive to Metal Joint Implants

Researchers don't know if hormones or exposure to metals in makeup or jewelry may play a part

10 hours ago Synthetic Mucus Could Battle Dangerous Bugs

Researchers are working on lab-grown versions to control disease-causing bacteria

10 hours ago 'Artificial Womb' Kept Premature Lambs Alive

'Artificial Womb' Kept Premature Lambs Alive

10 hours ago Genes May Govern Your Risk for PTSD

Link with the psychiatric disorder is more apparent for women, study contends

Yesterday Is a Low-Salt Diet Always Healthy?

Study claims current guidelines are too restrictive when there's sufficient potassium intake

Yesterday Routine Tests Urged for Preeclampsia

Expert panel recommends blood-pressure check at every prenatal visit

Yesterday 'Mindfulness' Probably Won't Cure Your Back Pain

But one specialist still isn't ruling out this complementary therapy

Yesterday Opioid-Related Deaths Might Be Underestimated: CDC

Death certificates from drug-linked infections may not label painkillers as possible cause

Yesterday FDA Warns 14 Companies on Bogus Cancer 'Cures'

Warning letters issued for treatments sold without approval mainly on websites and in social media

Yesterday Are You Raising an 'Emotional Eater'?

Calming kids with food can start a vicious, fattening cycle, study says

Yesterday Mid-Life Exercise Could Jog Your Memory

Combination of aerobic, resistance training best for boosting brain health, study finds

Apr 24 Frozen Hash Brown Recall Due to Golf Ball Parts

Frozen Hash Brown Recall Due to Golf Ball Parts

Apr 24 Common Food Nutrient Tied to Risky Blood Clotting

Gut bacteria reacts to compound in eggs and meat to produce chemical that ups heart disease risk, study says

Apr 24 Waist Size, Not Weight, May be Key to Life Span

Even those who aren't overweight are at risk of death if they've got a paunch, researchers report

Apr 24 Health Highlights: April 24, 2017

Frozen Hash Brown Recall Due to Golf Ball Parts

Apr 24 Walk Your Way to Better Brain Health?

Impact of the foot provides a boost to blood flow, study says

Apr 24 150-Year-Old Drug May Help Parkinson's Patients

Study finds apomorphine cuts the time until levodopa kicks in for those with advanced disease

Apr 24 Frito-Lay Recalls Jalapeno Chips
lays jalapeno chips

Frito-Lay is voluntarily recalling some of its Jalapeno Flavored Lay’s Kettle Cooked potato chips and Jalapeno Flavored Miss Vickie’s Kettle Cooked potato chips because salmonella may be in the seasoning.

Apr 24 Prostate Cancer Screening: Earlier for Black Men?

New study suggests the disease progresses faster for them

Apr 24 These 5 Preventable Conditions Shorten Lives

Obesity steals the most years of all, researchers say

Apr 21 Banquet Chicken Nuggets with Mac & Cheese Recalled

Banquet Chicken Nuggets with Mac & Cheese Recalled

Apr 21 Home Birth Safe for Some, But Not All, Women

Certain factors make home delivery too chancy, pregnancy experts say

Apr 21 Study Cites Factors Linked to Suicide in the Young

Researchers say interventions should come earlier in life for disadvantaged children

Apr 21 Could a Zap to the Brain Jog Failing Memory?

Deep brain stimulation appears to help, but much more research is needed, scientists say

Apr 21 Immune Therapy Shows Early Promise Against MS

First step was to test its safety in small trial of 6 people

Apr 21 Henrietta Lacks Film Highlights Research Issues

The story of Henrietta Lacks, an African-American cervical cancer patient whose tumor cancer cells changed the course of biomedical research, will debut on HBO.

Apr 21 Do Diet Sodas Pose Health Risks?

Study suggests -- but does not prove -- a possible link to stroke, dementia

Apr 20 Second Cancers Deadlier for Younger People: Study

Survival rates drop significantly compared to older adults