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 A Virtual Family Reunion
For the LORD is good and His love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations. Psalm 100:5
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Candice Rene Vasser-Price - Mar 24, 2011
I guess scince my grandmother is related to you that would make us related as well. Ida Winona Bailey is my grandmother. She looked at your family history page and said there were some photos of her family she had never seen before.She told me thank you for telling her about your page.
Winona Bailey Vasser - Feb 23, 2011
Did so enjoy the photos of Pat & Darrel. My mother was Lyda Hicks,Sister to Jimmy Hicks. My grandaughter sent me photo of Jim & Opal Hicks (without her glasses)had not seen that before. Thanks.
David Moore - Sep 4, 2010
Looking for a Tommy Hicks when I found your page, loved the old photo's.
Kristen Zimmerman Murray - Jul 25, 2010
Hello, I am Kristen Zimmerman Murray, great-grandaughter of Cora Adeline Hicks. I love the history and would love to update the information you have for the children and grandchildren of Karen Johnson, daughter of Beatrice Mignon Richardson Johnson. My grandmother,Beatrice, would be so pleased to see this. She loved geneology and was so proud of her family history. Thank you for taking the time to do this.
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Aunt Molly's Chicken and Dumplings
Side Dishes
Added Jun 29 by Theresa Cuccio

Pat's pepper Jelly
Added Jun 29 by Theresa Cuccio

Crawdad Poop (Lori)
Added Jun 29 by Theresa Cuccio

Myrt's Shrimp Casserole
Side Dishes
Added Jun 29 by Theresa Cuccio

Jail House Rolls (Pat)
Added Jun 29 by Theresa Cuccio
 Pat and Darrell
 Molly,Joe,Jeff,Ted,Karie,and family
 Jane and Spud
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