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gir... and what he's done to us... and zim.....

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science pig Gir Gallery

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 Thanks to all

Hey this is just a thanks to all of those that helped make this site what it truly what it is. Thanks to for some really awesome pics in the gallery now. Also thank you to my friends as followed: uh....joe, I guess. That's about it. If you have any other sites or info you want to add please e-mail me at Thank you!!!


p.s. If you hate Gir then he will commit suicide see?

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The Gir Love Logo
0 pictures
Added Jul 15 by Joe

Gir Gallery
22 pictures
Added Oct 11 by Michael
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Gir Love Logo?
Added Nov 24 by Joe

"I love widgets" failure
Added Jul 29 by Joe

I love Widgets
Added Jul 29 by Joe

Added Jul 20 by Joe

Thanks to all
Added Apr 30 by Michael Moore
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What's the buzz? Well, non-gir related.....wait nothing can be non-gir related. Any one got any news?

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