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Family Thank You Letter - Vikki Lewis

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Hello Family.

I want to thank God for you and your families. We the family reunion committee want to thank you for a wonderful turn out. This was the first combined famly reunion that was off the chain. we really enjoyed everybody. The food was great thanks to uncle Hery friday night, Cousin Dinky saturday picnic in the park and cousin Patricia saturday night at the banquet. If you were not in attendant you missed a treat. We played volleyball, basketball, 3 legged race, sack race, musical chairs, egg race, horse shoe, spades and much more. There was plenty to do, it was up to you how much fuuuuun you wanted to have. Thank you aunt Cookie the fashion show was the bomb, Thanks family for a awesome job in the play, you have never laugh so hard until you have seen the family play. Hats go off to the little children you did a wonderful job. Special thanks goes out to aunt Louise for a powerful word from God on sunday morning also last but not least thanks to a woderful committee for putting these activities together you did a awesome job. Remember for next year each person are ask to reach one family member that didn't get there this year. May God forever bless you.             

The family reunion committee. 




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