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 Friday, March 12, 2010 - 
I found this article my mother wrote, and wanted to share it with all of you about Grandpop Nardone.
Mr. Frank Nardone, accordion manufacturer & expert accordion repairman.
Born in Naples, Italy, came to America in 1905 with his wife, Angelina. They lived at 1121 Catherine St., and raised 7 children. He was a very good bocci player, very well known is South Philly. When he was young he played the accordion by ear, playing records. He played on the streets and tap rooms (Bars).
He worked for tips, to support his family. 
He played for President Hoover in the court yard at the White House.
He started to manufacture his accordions on the first floor of his house. He was self taught, he learned by taking the accordions apart. He made accordions for all the top accordion players, and they were the best in their profession.
His son Anthony, my dad, started helping him at age 13 after school & Saturday's. When he was in his teens he started to help him make them. It took both of them 2 1/2 months to make just one accordion, working 12 hours a day. Most of the accordion parts were made by hand.They both knew al the best players, manufacturers, and the best places to get their accessories. After he retired, his son, Anthony, moved to Germantown Ave., Phila, Pa. and continued his work. My father repaired  for the top players, In all the states till he retired to Florida in 1981. We even had 2 men that traveled from Italy to see his work.
(We all come from good stock, there's nothing we can't accomplish, if we try.) They all lived through the great depression. As bad as it is now, it's nothing like what they went through. Maryanne Nardone Warner

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