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Dean's baptism 2 Dean's baptism

 School's Out!

Summer break is finally here! We have a busy summer planned. The one thing we all like to do the most is go to a small pool about a minute from our house. It isn’t anything fancy in fact, the bathrooms are a bit scary, but we spend most of our time there with friends and family. Here are some of the things we will be getting ourselves into this summer (besides the pool—ha, ha). So, the first week of June Whitney will be at a work meeting in Arizona. The next week, Dean has cub scout day camp. I volunteered to go everyday and it should be fun. The next week is scout camp. Whitney will again be gone for the week (he is the scoutmaster in our branch). The following week Whitney will be taking his GMAT. He will be going back to school in the Fall for his Executive MBA. Then there’s July. There are lots of birthdays and anniversaries in July. Rachel gets home from her mission (Spain) on July 25. What else? Oh yes…the baby is due at the end of July also. The kids, yes even little Ysabel, will be starting school in early August. Ysa will be in pre-k, Sariah in first and Dean in third grade. It’s good to stay busy.


Hope all of you are doing well. We would love to hear from you!


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 Kids served us dinner at their "Macon Restaurant"

From a letter to my folks- Whitney

I need to tell you about two nice surprises I got. I just returned from our National Sales Meeting. One night they had casino games (I went to bed early) but the last night we were there they had a special activity. Bicycles were donated and we were able to put them together for children whose mom or dad is serving in the military overseas. We had a few hundred people build (assemble) over 50 bikes. We also made cards for the children with our group picture inside. It was very rewarding but we had no idea that the group who organized the activity had the children waiting outside. They brought them in with their family (minus the parent serving) and everyone in the room was trilled. It was kind of emotional and very rewarding. The kids got to pick a bike and we talked with them and helped them ride them. When I got home, I told the kids about it.


Tonight around dinner time Amarilis comes up telling me she wants to go out to eat. I was sure she had cooked downstairs but assumed she burnt it and went along. She brought me downstairs and onto the back deck where a table for two was set with utensils, napkins, hand-written (by the kids) reservation cards and menus. We sat down and the kids came out with aprons and a towel draped over their arm to ask for our order. The menu included Entrees of chicken lo mein with vegetables, pork tenderloin, white rice and carrot coleslaw. The desserts were chocolate chip cookies or strawberry ice cream and we could drink chocolate/strawberry milk, lemonade or water. The kids were very polite and professional. You could tell Amarilis had been practicing with them. They brought our food and drink and then spied out the window so that when we were low on drink they could rush out to ask if we would like a refill. Ysa kept asking “So, what do you want?” She kept bringing us new napkins. It was very nice. Afterwards, on the way to Dean’s swim team practice, the kids said that it made them feel good in their hearts when they did that for us. When I asked why, Sariah said it was the Holy Ghost. It was a really nice treat for me.

 We really love and miss you,


 P.S. Sariah blurted out of nowhere “Now I get it! They call it Sun Block because it blocks the Sun from getting you sun burnt!”  

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Kids served us dinner at their "Macon Restaurant"
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School's Out!
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