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September 27, 2006 -- (10News Click)
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FamilyLobby.com makes it easy to create a Web site.

All you have to do is come up with a name for your family's site and pick out a template.

You can chat about family events, share birthdays, weddings, baby pictures and display your family tree.

You can also feature and read articles on family related news.

The site is also safe for children to talk online with friends and show off pictures.

You can choose to also make a Web site just for your baby or for a group or organization you're involved with.


  • FamilyLobby.com an Ideal Alternative for Former MyFamily.com
  • The fun photo creator
  • We've completely redesigned the family tree!
  • Win up to $500 in the funniest home video contest!
  • Win $100 if your poem gets the most votes!
  • Irving woman's Web site helps families share news ...
  • Family Reunion Planning Tips
  • The Internet Entrepreneur
  • Challenge Your Friends and Family in our New Online Games
  • FamilyLobby.com has gone mobile
  • A lot of features have been added based on user feedback
  • A Website for Every Family
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