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June 24, 2014 - MyFamily.com Retiring: FamilyLobby.com an Ideal Alternative for Former MyFamily.com Users

As the closure of MyFamily.com nears, former users are looking for an alternative to host a virtual gathering place for family located all over the globe. FamilyLobby.com has similar features that MyFamily.com users have enjoyed for many years and could offer a smooth transition. FamilyLobby.com is also working on a way to help former MyFamily.com users import their data into the FamilyLobby.com systems.

FamilyLobby.com is a free website with a unique family URL, where members can share photos, videos, newsletters and more to keep family members connected. To build a family website, users can simply visit FamilyLobby.com and click on the “create” button to get started. A virtual tour and sample site offer helpful insights for new users.

“Your site has made it easy and with so many choices and great added pieces to make the site fun, exciting and always full of great information,” said one FamilyLobby.com user.

The top features of FamilyLobby.com include:

  • Family Tree. Here users can upload photos and information in family tree format, making it easy to view children, parents and grandparents on one page.
  • Photo Gallery. In the photo gallery, family members can upload and share photos, and family members can leave comments. Photos can also be viewed as a slide show.
  • Members. This where family members are displayed in quick list format, showing name, phone and contact info, making it easy to connect and send information to everyone.
  • Discussion Board. This is a private area where members only can leave messages for each other.
  • News and Newsletter. After family members post news items, FamilyLobby.com makes it easy for the user to click on these and create and send a newsletter to family members.

Also as part of its free family website, FamilyLobby.com users can utilize the family calendar option, journal and more. Users can also add music and change the page themes as they are easy to customize as the seasons change or as events take place. Many site upgrades are available for a small fee.

Summer is in full swing, and that means family reunion time. One important feature of FamilyLobby.com is that it aides the user in planning a family reunion. These days, many family members live far away from each other; family reunions are an important get-together for families to reconnect. What better way to plan the big event than as a group online? The private discussion board option allows for easy back and forth sharing of ideas.

As one FamilyLobby.com user commented: “This reunion has been in the planning stages for years and finally is coming together with your help.” For more tips on planning a family reunion, check out the Family Tips section at FamilyLobby.com.

Started in 2005, FamilyLobby.com has a strong user base and plans to continue building in the years to come as a family web hosting site. MyFamily.com is part of the Ancestry.com family and will shut down the MyFamily.com site on Sept. 5.

Ancentstry.com posted an announcement June 5, 2014 about retiring MyFamily.com and other services here: http://ancestryforums.custhelp.com/posts/11bf253c69

A FAQ has been created in regards to the retiring of MyFamily.com here:


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